Sunday, March 24, 2013

thanks everybody!

we'd like to say thanks to everybody that came out and played, lent gear, provided beer and generally made it another fun SXSWaterloo. here's a couple of videos from Thursday's show if you couldn't make it

Chris Stamey

Kids on a Crime Spree

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What the schedule is looking like so far

Thursday 14 March 2013

3.00PM- Hectors
3.45PM- Wax Idols

5.00PM- Chris Stamey 
                    5.45PM- Kids on a Crime Spree

Friday 15 March 2013
1.00PM Flagland
1.30PM Remate
2.00PM DRGN King
2.30PM Pillage and Plunder
3.00PM Moon King
3.45PM Shivers
4.30PM Mahogany is canceling due to equipment issues, so we're having Cocker Spaniels

5.15PM Ski Lodge had to cancel due to food poisoning. go see them at NYCPopfest since they are awesome

Saturday 16 March 2013

1.00PM Dead Angle
2.00PM Laura Watling
2.30PM Small Reaction
3.00PM Viking Moses
3.45PM Gold Bears
4.30PM Boonesboro
5.15PM Girls Names
Don't forget we'll have free beer from the fine folks at Hops and Grain and Adelbert's and sodas from Jarritos

Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Thanks to our pals

We'd like to thank all the fine people that help make SXSWaterloo happen, all the bands that are playing and have played in the past.

We'd also like to thank the great folks at Adelbert's and Hops and Grain for some of the best beer in Austin

And for the inspiration from the folks at the NYCpopfest, SFPopfestIndietracks and the rest of the International Pop Underground

Last, but far from least, the labels that get the music from the bedroom/studio/wherever to your earholes Slumberland, Fortuna Pop!Shelflife, Fence, Bar-None,  HHBTM, MatinĂ©e, Magic Marker  and all the others

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Quick Side Note

just making sure that you don't forget the folks who helped us celebrate out 20th anniversary party

thanks everyone for making our 20th Anniversary Party a great success, we raised over $600 for our local bicycle groups Yellow Bike Project, BikeTexas, Austin Cycling Association and League of Bicycling Voters

Major Thanks to Black Star Co-op and Real Ale for the beer donations, all our awesome volunteers and the incredible local merchants who donated raffle prizes. give them all some love.

Wheatsville Coop
Kerbey Lane Cafe
Torchys Tacos
The Dropout

Bouldin Creek
Birds Barbershop
Triple Crown Tattoo Parlor
South Side Tattoos
Subversive Cycling

I Love Video
The Liberty Bar
Alamo Drafthouse
Black Star Coop
Fast Folks
Diablo Rojo

Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Sixth SXSWaterloo part one

so we're working on another awesome lineup of bands for shows March 14-16 from noon to six each day and we have free beer coming once again from  a couple of our fine local craft brewers,
 Hops and Grain and Adelberts Beer

so far it looks like we've confirmations from The Shivers, Las Robertas, Mahogany, Laura Watling, Wax Idols, Kids on a Crime Spree and many others thanks to our friends at  SLR , as well as loads of others awaiting confirmation

Our Fifth SXSWaterloo

Our Fifth SXSWaterloo, now with beer sponsorship from a couple of our fine local craft brewers, 

 Hops and Grain and Adelberts Beer
SXSWaterloo Thursday 15 March
2.00PM- Body Parts
2.30PM- Emperor X
3.15PM- Seasons
4.15PM- Hatcham Social Club
5.15PM- Math the Band

SXSWaterloo Friday 16 March
1.00PM- Foreign Resort
1.30PM- Judson McKinney
2.00PM- Brice Woodall
2.30PM- Living Kills
3.15PM- Chapter 24
4.15PM- Manhattan Murder Mystery

SXSWaterloo Saturday 17 March
12.30PM- Iji
01.00PM- Boonesboro
01.30PM- Grown Up Noise
02.00PM- Moonmen on the Moon, Man
02.30PM- Corita
03.30PM- Torches in Trees
04.15PM- Halaska
05.15PM- Fan Modine

Free Beer from

our Fine Friends at Adelberts Brewing 
and the Wonderful Folks at Hops and Grains

Our Fourth SXSWaterloo

Thursday 17 March
15.00- Withered Hand
15.45- Poison Control Center
16.30 Bearsuit
17.15 Still Corners
18.00- Dream Diary
Friday 18 March12.30-
13.00- Natalie Prass
13.30- Sofa City Sweetheart
14.00- Normandie Wilson
14.30- Chapter 24
15.00- Las Robertas
15.45- Strega
16.30- mylittlepony
17.15- Vicente Gayo
18.00 - Searching for Signal
Saturday 19 March
12.00- Generifus
13.00- shhhhlow
13.30- James Rabbit
14.00- Iji
14.30- teeets
15.00- Veronica Falls
15.45- Very Truly Yours
16.30- Kid Canaveral
17.15- Fever Fever
 our most ambitious SXSWaterloo to date

Our Third SXSWaterloo

Our Third SXSWaterloo

Friday 19.03.2010
12.00-12.20 Thick Shakes
12.30-12.50 Reading Rainbow
13.00-13.30 Davis Levels
13.40-14.10 Standard Fare
14.20-14.50 Allo Darlin'
15.00-15.45 Coal Porters
16.00- 16.45 Red Pony Clock
17.00-17.45 The Lovely Eggs
18.00-18.45 My Teenage Stride
Saturday 20.03.2010
12.00-12.20 Dinosaur Feathers
12.30-13.15 Darren Hanlon
13.30-14.15 Depreciation Guild
14.25-14.50 Caucus
15.00-15.45 Brown Recluse
16.00-16.45 Boonesboro
17.00-17.45 Devon Williams
18.00-18.45 Summer Cats

this was a crazy year, beautiful weather Friday then a cold front blew in dropping temps near freezing on Saturday. Depreciation Guild bailed due to ill health and Devon didn't make it due to another gig running late. and also the first time we made it on the Youtube

Caucus on Saturday

Our Second SXSWaterloo

Our Second SXSWaterloo

Friday 20 March 2009
Phil and the Osophers

falcon buddies
Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies

Saturday 21 March 2009

    12 noon ->12.20 Purple Rhinestone Eagle 
    12.30 ->12.50 TacocaT
    1.00->1.30 Forever 

    1.45-> 2.20 Boonesboro
    2.35-> 3.10 Casper and the Cookies
    3.25-> 4.00 Bearsuit
    4.15-> 5.00One Happy Island
    5.10-> 5.55 Hello Seahorse!
    6.05-> 6.50 Besties  and 

Our First SXSWaterloo

our First SXSWaterloo took place on 3.15.2008 had a fairly limited line-up, presents:

The Besties (from Brooklyn)
Bearsuit  (from Britain)  
Boonesboro (from San Marcos)
Prince Rama of Ayodhya
sponsored by Waterloo Cycles and Quonset Hut

tunes start at 2 PM
Ides (15th) of March
Free Beer (IIRC, it was Live Oak Hefeweisen)
at Waterloo Cycles/Quonset Hut 
2815 Fruth (Behind the Chevron at 29th & Guadalupe)